10. prosinca 2017.

Lug, Hrvatska

One more post from Lug's yard with beautiful horses. I wore cozy Wool by Mila's cardigan, it is 100% handmade with love. Every piece is unique, you can check their Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Cardigan: Wool by Mila
Jeans, hat, boots: Pull&bear


3. prosinca 2017.

Lug, Hrvatska
Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to Hotel Lug in Baranja to get some rest and enjoy in countryside environment. I have noticed Lug's website and fell in love with that place at the first sight. Almost everything that can be is made of wood and old brick, giving it that real vintage vibes like you flew back in time, but still has everything that modern human needs (free Wi-Fi, big TV, big bathtub, air conditioners). Bedrooms have that warm, relaxing, domestic feeling with those vintage carpets and wooden details that fit it perfectly. In front yard, near well named "Golden Well", there is a restaurant with same name where you can enjoy traditional recipes, all meals made from fresh ingredients they get at from local suppliers, huge selection of wine and gaze at all details in beautiful interior. Behind hotel there is a fenced field where they keep horses that you can ride if you want (we did it for the first time in our life, it was scary, but incredible). If you want more recreation, there is a big playground where you can play tennis. Thank you Hotel Lug for having us, see you very soon!

I was wearing LOLA.tees dress, vintage sweater and coat, CCC boots

Hands full of flowers & faces full of smiles

27. studenoga 2017.

Zagreb, Hrvatska
A casual walk in Zagreb while looking for some nice flowers. We got lost in Zagreb's no.1 flower station - Dolac. Super excited, I found beautiful roses from some old lady. I wanted to buy just one bouquet but she gave me two more. It was like "Excuse me, but there are too many roses" and she said "No, you should take them with you, they are perfect matching your style." With hands full of flowers and faces full of smiles we left Dolac and took a long coffee break with our friends. I was wearing oversize camel coat, warm sweater, jeans and ankle boots. As details I've chosen Poppy design backpack and Giant vintage sunglasses - my forever partners in crime.
Enjoy in the photos bellow!


Train stories

23. studenoga 2017.

Zagreb, Hrvatska
Here are few photos that we took while we traveled to Zagreb. We decided to go with train because it has been awhile since both of us rode in it. There is something beautiful in those robust machines, I love that road trip feeling while going across half of country, meeting new people, exploring new horizons and having fun. Later we got some coffee and many roses (I will write about that funny story in the next post.) My travel outfit was simple, newsboy hat to cover messy hair, big oversize bomber jacket, black shirt and light washed skinny jeans. Enjoy in the photos bellow.


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