31. prosinca 2017.

Osijek, Hrvatska

Hrvoje and I went to the almost highest building in our hometown, "Ljepotica", to take some pictures with sparklers and to enjoy the view over our beautiful town.  I was trying to keep my outfit simple and cozy, it is supposed to be New Year inspired.  The recipe is easy - something shiny, some piece you like the most and a lot of positive energy.  So here it is - my mom's vintage fluffy vest, my fave cardigan and pants in same color, Jeffrey Campbell boots and warm, vintage fur coat.  
Wishing you all a great night, surrounded with all your loved ones and lot of good music, food and drinks. Leave all the bad thing behind, and say hello to the new beginnings.  Enjoy the photos bellow!
Kisses, V. 

Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Hat, pants: Pull&bear
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Vest and coat: Vintage
Cardigan: H&M

Green & pink

29. prosinca 2017.

Osijek, Hrvatska
Who could guess that pink and green are in love together? I've combined my favorite pink woolen coat with new green midi dress from H&M and that was enough. No accessories needed except this cute Poppy pyramid backpack. This combination is looking so festive (maybe because this dress reminds me of Christmas tree) but at spring it will be rockin' in combination with massive leather jacket. Can't wait!

Boots and coat: Zara
Dress: H&M
Backpack: Poppy design

Secret garden

28. prosinca 2017.

Osijek, Hrvatska
If you have not been there yet, you should visit American Bar Dollar's secret garden - backyard full of Christmas lights and amazing decorations. We went for a cup of tea there (honestly, all warm drinks there are special). I was wearing vintage coat, woolen sweater and leather mini skirt, not so festive as comfortable outfit for wandering around.

Coat: Vintage
Skirt and hat: Zara
Bag: Orsay
Sweater: H&M
Boots: CCC


17. prosinca 2017.

Osijek, Hrvatska
Rainy Sunday morning, best spent in a cafe and later in a long walk. I have layered my summer slip dress with a cozy knit sweater, the colors are matching and I was surprised how it all goes well together. To break that monotony of nude colors I have picked blue boots with floral print.  
Wishing you all a great start of the week!  

Coat, dress, hat, boots: Zara
Backpack: Poppy
Sweater: H&M


10. prosinca 2017.

Lug, Hrvatska

One more post from Lug's yard with beautiful horses. I wore cozy Wool by Mila's cardigan, it is 100% handmade with love. Every piece is unique, you can check their Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Cardigan: Wool by Mila
Jeans, hat, boots: Pull&bear


3. prosinca 2017.

Lug, Hrvatska
Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to Hotel Lug in Baranja to get some rest and enjoy in countryside environment. I have noticed Lug's website and fell in love with that place at the first sight. Almost everything that can be is made of wood and old brick, giving it that real vintage vibes like you flew back in time, but still has everything that modern human needs (free Wi-Fi, big TV, big bathtub, air conditioners). Bedrooms have that warm, relaxing, domestic feeling with those vintage carpets and wooden details that fit it perfectly. In front yard, near well named "Golden Well", there is a restaurant with same name where you can enjoy traditional recipes, all meals made from fresh ingredients they get at from local suppliers, huge selection of wine and gaze at all details in beautiful interior. Behind hotel there is a fenced field where they keep horses that you can ride if you want (we did it for the first time in our life, it was scary, but incredible). If you want more recreation, there is a big playground where you can play tennis. Thank you Hotel Lug for having us, see you very soon!

I was wearing LOLA.tees dress, vintage sweater and coat, CCC boots


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