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Baška, Island Krk

1. srpnja 2016.

Last few days I am enjoying at seaside at Baška, Island Krk. My place to escape every summer to refresh body and soul.The peaceful streets and colorful vintage houses are so beautiful, you can see it on these photos that were taken at the old part of Baška. Within those old, stone paved streets you can smell rosemary mixed with salty sea. My outfit was simple, as I call it "my summer uniform". I was wearing basic shirt from NY, H&M jeans and Giant Vintage sunglasses

. P.S. as you can see on photos before, I have quite pale and sensitive skin, but this year I have decided to test some combinations of sun creams and protections to get that summer tan in short time, while walking and swimming without too much exposure to sun and to avoid sunburns. More about those products for suntanning will be in next post.

V. :*

Shirt: NY
Pants: H&M
Bag: Orsay
Hat: C&A
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage

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