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Good day, sunshine!

5. srpnja 2016.

Here are some photos that we took few days ago at the little beach near lighthouse in Baška. Every year I try to get some nice tan, but usually end up with sun burns and red skin. This summer I've got Biobaza dry oil mixed with Olival paste and Nivea sun protect cream -  UV factor 30. Not sure how that combination will work with other skin types, but to me it was surprisingly great. I didn't expose my skin directly to sun, first tanning layers I got while walking and swimming. I avoid sun tanning in dangerous hours when UV radiations is to high. The Biobaza dry oil and Olival paste textures are great, they are not sticky and they smell heavenly. Both products are made of natural ingredients and oils. Before you use those products, firstly use the UV protection  so you can carelessly enjoy sun tanning. 

Don't forget to avoid those dangerous sun hours because our skin is biggest organ and we must treat it with love and care. 

Happy summer days! 

V. :*

Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Kimono & bikini top: H&M
Bikini pants: ASOS
Hat: C&A
Flats: Kopitarna

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  1. You should go back to red hair,it suits you better with your light skin tone,and it gives ou that sometnihg different from the other bloggers or woman.


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