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Autumn dinner at Iva's home

24. studenoga 2016.

A month ago, on Halloween, we went to dinner at our friends house. Our host, Iva, also a blogger @Seasons in garden, has high intolerance for gluten, so she made us some gluten-free, delicious dinner.

This was the menu:

Appertizer: toast with prosciutto, fetta cheese, salad and pomegranate. One can never go wrong with such simple, but when all tastes mix, it is great snack before meal. Salty, sweet and tasty!
Soup: Butternut pumpkin soup with fried chestnuts. My second time in life that I have ate pumpkin cream soup. This time it was pure pumpkin with sliced fried chestnuts for crunchy bites.
Fish dish: Trout with baked polenta. Best way to prepare fish is without too much tampering. She fried it minute before serving, and there is no tastier fish than freshly prepared one.
Intermezzo: Lemon grass jelly! Great in-between snack for clearing garlic and fish taste from mouth and to refresh for heavier main meal. I love that no matter how much of it you eat, you can't fill up too much for the next course. For those that don't like black coffee after whole meal, this is great replacement!
Main dish: Pork tenderloin with pomegranate glaze, celeriac purree and one minute sprouts. Not so easy meat to prepare, one wrong step and it could end up too dry or too chewy. This one was perfect, literlly melts in mouth! Sweet but spicy glaze gave it perfect combination of tastes, I had to ask more to feel that experience again.
Dessert: Caramelized apple cake with brown sugar icing. Perfect roundup for every meal is dessert. This one was, as well as rest of food, in spirit of Halloween and Autumn. Sweet apples melted into biscuit, making perfectly moist. What made it more special was all effort around icing. Those leaves made me think of those cold days when all you need are blanket, warm cup of tea and someone dear to share it with.

Thank you Iva and Mario for great evening and tasty food, can't wait for next time!

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