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Blue velvet dress

9. prosinca 2016.

I was pretty much excited when mailman arrived and gave me package with GiV-a design dress in blue, made of velvet. It is looking awesome in combination with oversized coat (as you can guess, also in blue) and lace flat shoes. If you do not know who is behind GiV-a design, let me introduce you designer Kristina:

„Fashion is my life!“ might sound cliché, but it truly is! As little girl I used to draw fashion models with many different clothes. Since I was a "child of war", poverty made me go to world of imagination more often and will to create something beautiful grew. Father's war shirt became trendy torn-style shirt, jeans became bags, old nylon socks became gloves... After high school it was logical to go into TTF (Faculty of Textile Technology). First day was like making my dreams come true! Shortly after faculty, reality came, and I had to get a "real" job. It was within my profession, but not in a way I always wished for. 8 years later after working in textile industry, stars aligned and in 2013. idea was born about creating my own design brand. GiV-a design is growing and expanding with every new day, safe step at a time. Clothes is tailor-made with every dress having unique design, hand-sewn and painted. GiV-a design is intended for every woman and girl that wants to be special and look unique! Designing and sewing is a play for me in which I enjoy with all my heart and had found myself. Now that I am on a dream road, who knows, maybe all my girl dreams will come true. The world would be a better place if everyone were doing what they love and played sometimes!

Hope you enjoy photos and if you still did not find your favourite GiV-a design piece, check all clothes on their web and Facebook page.

Dress: GIV-a design
Coat&flats: Zara
Hat: Stradivarius

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