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23. travnja 2018. Osijek, Hrvatska

It has been a while since I've posted something about food, so with great sunny weather and picnic season starting, it is time!  Our friends Iva and Mario moved to Germany a few months ago, they came back for vacation and we went on a picnic on Drava river. As she is allergic to gluten but loves to cook, she prepared some delicious gluten-free snacks for us. Onion tart was amazing, in laic terms my BF called it "onion pizza", the crust was thin and crunchy like on pizza with a contrast of sweet onions and salty sausages. Although it wasn't very dry snack, layered salad with yogurt dressing was very refreshing and perfect with it to soothe that crunch (I have always enjoyed the pop of fresh cherry tomatoes). Like it was not enough of freshness, for dessert she made Berrylicious cupcakes!  Moist and fluffy muffins with cream cheese frosting topped with fresh berries, absolutely my favorite way to round up a meal.  We had to rush it a bit, they were traveling back the next day, but I hope they will come sooner this time so we can do something like this again! 

You can check full recipe here and enjoy photos and video we made!

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